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Over sixty years of experience

Antique fireplaces, woodwork
Antique architectural and decorative elements
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Leading specialist in antique
fireplaces and woodwork

Prix ​​de Rome des Beaux-Arts in sculpture, my father Jacques POUILLON founded this antiques company sixty years ago. I grew up in his marble restoration workshop and continued my studies with my wife. It was natural that we joined him in 1984.

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Our family has been working with marble since the 17th century.

Over time, marbles from quarries that are no longer in use have been accumulated. Thanks to these old marbles, the restoration of the antique fireplaces we offer for sale is possible. We can also handle the installation of our fireplaces with our team of installation specialists.

Our stock of antique woodwork allows us to undertake projects for room fittings from any era. Our workshops perform the restoration and installation of these woodworks. We work with individuals, architects, decorators, and museums. Fountains, columns, capitals, sculptures, and Versailles parquet flooring are also part of our world to discover near the Palace of Versailles.

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